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Welcome to Tehama Ridge!

Our Official Page

There is only one official Tehama Ridge website – this one at www.tehamaridge.com.
All other websites or pages with any alleged connection to Tehama Ridge are private sites and not under our control. Any information you submit on another site may or may not be secure so we would caution you before submitting any personal information.


Representative Matt Krause, KISD Superintendent Dr. Randy Reid, and NISD Superintendent Dr. Karen Rue



This will be a chance for you to hear from not only the Keller Superintendent, but also the Northwest ISD Superintendent along with our Representative, Mr. Krause. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions on the topic!

posted 04.17.14

It’s time again for the… Tehama Ridge Semi-Annual Garage Sale

Friday - Saturday, April 25 & 26, 2014
8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. held Rain or Shine!
Garage Sale Map

Make some extra money! Clean out the closets and garage! If you want to join our Spring community-wide garage sale, here’s what you need to do:

By April 22nd

1. Apply for your free garage sale permit from the City of Fort Worth, either online (best method) at www.fortworthgov.org/planninganddevelopment/permits, by calling 817-392-2222, or in-person at 1000 Throckmorton downtown. You must have a city permit at least 72 hours before beginning your sale.

2. Contact the Garage Sale committee with 4 pieces of information:
- name
- street address
- phone number where you can be reached the days of the sale
- state if you plan to participate both Friday and Saturday or if one day only, state which day.

Email garagesale@tehamaridge.com or call 972-679-3885 and leave a message with the above information. With this information, we can place your address on our online map. We plan to make the map available at tehamaridge.com. We will also place signs around and through our neighborhood before and during the sale.

On the days of the sale

- Post your City garage sale permit in your garage.
- Be open the hours of the garage sale, 8 am-1 pm, so you have the greatest chance at the most customers.
- Let customers know of other homes near yours who are also having a sale.

Optional: You may place one Garage Sale sign (2 feet square) in your yard only. Another way to indicate you are open for business is to place some balloons on your mailbox, but please be sure to remove them when the sale is over.

Your HOA Committees will place an ad in the paper and online.

Happy Selling!

posted 4.3.14

Transportation Town Hall Forum

This is a great chance for us to voice our positions on transportation needs and wants. We can also hear first-hand the responses of Representative Krause and the House Transportation Committee Chair about their views on funding transportation in the State of Texas.

WHO: Open to the general public
HOST: State Rep. Matt Krause
DATE: Tuesday, April 22, 2014.
TIME: 6:30-8:00pm
WHERE: Heritage Church of Christ: 4201 Heritage Trace Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76244
COST: Free
RSVP: matt@mattkrause.org

FEATURING: Panelists listed below:
Texas Legislature – District 93 Representative Matt Krause
Texas Legislature – House Transportation Committee Chairman Larry Phillips
City of Fort Worth – City Councilmember Dennis Shingleton
Tarrant County – Judge Glen Whitley & Commissioner Gary Fickes
Tarrant Regional Transportation Coalition – Vic Suhm (Executive Director)
TxDOT - Jodi Hodges (Public Information Officer)
NTTA - Pete Havel (Director of Legislative Affairs)
NTE Mobility Partners – Robert Hinkle or Heather DeLapp

posted 4.10.14

Open Letter from our Treasurer:

Tehama Ridge residents: I am not writing in an official capacity for the board of directors or the HOA, but rather as an owner who happens to be a director. Please understand that there are NO plans in the works, but that I am attempting to get an idea about the interest level among owners for additional improvements. It is most likely that nothing will come from this inquiry, but I am asking for the benefit of this or any future board. Specifically:

If the association were in position to make additional common use improvements, please comment on the following:

1) What type of improvement do you think will be most valuable and useful to the association?
2) Would you be willing to vote for a special assessment, within limits of approximately $125 one time, on all owners to pay for the improvement?
3) Would you be willing to work in a canvassing effort to help get the 50+ percent approval of all lot owners needed for such an assessment and improvement?

Again let me emphasize that no plans are in the works for an improvement or a special assessment. I am asking this as an owner simply to get owner input. Please respond at board@tehamaridge.com with your input.

Tony DeVito

posted 4.3.14

This just in! – New Traffic Light

The new traffic light at Feathergrass Lane and Heritage Trace Parkway will be installed very soon.

In order to get the light active as soon as possible, the entrance off Heritage Trace Parkway to Feathergrass Lane between Hobby Lobby and Bank of Texas will be closed starting this coming Monday, April 7th for up to 2 weeks. Please take caution and watch for traffic and detour signs starting today, April 2nd.

This much anticipated signalization of this intersection is a joint project between the City of Fort Worth and Hillwood Properties.

We believe this will greatly improve traffic flow to and from the center.

posted 4.3.14

Pond Update

In June of 2013, our ponds were stocked with 6” Largemouth Bass , 1”-3” Bluegill Sunfish, and 4-6” Channel Catfish. To date, the Bass are approx. 10”, as they are the strong predatory fish of the habitat and can be caught with a “barb-less” hook CATCH & RELEASE only. The catfish will grow at a slower rate but can still be caught on a CATCH & RELEASE basis. The Bluegill are always fun for the kids to catch on small perch type hooks and are also an important food source for the other fish in the habitat.

Long term plan for these two ponds are to catch all fish on a CATCH & RELEASE only basis until June of 2016. At that point, we will be able to have a structured event once or twice a year to reduce the amount of production and keep an even habitat balance. With this being said, take your kids and neighbors fishing and have a great time! Remember…CATCH & RELEASE ONLY!

posted 4.3.14

Are you interested in serving on the ACC (Architectural Control Committee)?

We are looking for individuals to assist our community in this role.  The ACC reviews applications for exterior improvements such as swimming pools, fencing changes, etc.  The committee also works with the board to interpret and enforce the protective covenants. Please send an email to board@tehamaridge.com letting us know why you are interested and your qualifications.

posted 2.27.14

Are you going to plant flowers this spring?

Calloways is offering Tehama Ridge residents a coupon, along with Timely Tips for your yard. Check out the landscaping section of our website for this month’s tips…and the money saving coupon.

posted 2.13.14

Our 2014 activities are posted in the calendar tab. Check it out and mark your calendars now!



If you are interested in volunteering, contact any committee chair, board member or our association manager – we’d love to have you! You don’t have to join a committee; you can just help out at one event – the more the merrier.

posted 1.16.14






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